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About US

Fortune Property Finder
We provide valuable current local information

Located in the Newcastle City Centre, Fortune Property Finder is perfectly positioned to stay informed of all new, old and off market listings through our network of local business professionals and selling agents.

  • Locaton, location ....

    Situated locally to source information to secure the most suitable property for you.

  • Time And Money

    Our research allows our clients to focus on the most suitable properties saving time and avoiding costly mistakes.

  • Exclusive Buyers Agent

    We exclusively represent buyers in all bidding and negotiations. We do not take commissions from vendors, developers or selling agents.

  • Local Business Network

    A strong network of local professionals to provide services and advice, combined with local selling agents giving access to new and off market listings.

Your Goals

Our focus
Your wants and Needs

We help identify and prioritise your wants and needs, with a friendly and relaxed consultative approach.


With a clear budget and pre approval we can search and negotiate with confidence.

Release the hounds

Its nice to have someone to help sniff out the good and bad in a deal.

better outcomes from informed decisions

With all the relevant information and planning we maximise the potential of securing your chosen property.

Our Team

Richard Evans
Richard Evans
Director & Buyers Agent
Richard is a licensed real estate agent and brings strong contract negotiation skills from 33 years of local and international experience with both a multi national company and local government. Combined with personal history of over 20 years’ property renovation and investing.
Kellen Evans
Kellen Evans
Kellen is a marketing specialist and strategist

Our services



Includes negotiation on auction day
Your Professional Bidder
  • Independant and on your side
  • Call to discuss and make a booking

Property Search

Upfront Goodwill Fee
A fixed fee
  • Due at commencement of the Buyers Agency Agreement.
  • The Goodwill Fee is deducted when the Purchase Commission is paid.
  • Non refundable if no purchase takes place.

Search & Negotiate

Includes Goodwill Fee and Bidding at auction
From Search To Settlement
  • Call for an obligation free quote
  • Due on exchange
  • Includes all goodwill and auction bidding fees
  • The goodwill fee is non refundable if no property purchase takes place.


Search & Negotiate
Independant assistance
  • Call to discuss your needs
  • Due on Exchange
  • The goodwill fee is due on the commencement of the Buyers Agency Agreement.
  • The goodwill fee is non refundable if no property purchase takes place.

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