Stamp Duty – how much do you pay?

Transfer duty, or stamp duty in Australia is payable when a property is purchased. This applies to owner-occupiers, investors, buying vacant land, commercial or a business that includes land.

In New South Wales, stamp duty is paid within 3 months of an exchange of contract (except off-the-plan purchases). So how much does one pay?

For instance, buying an established dwelling for $650,000 in New South Wales as an owner-occupier has a transfer duty of $24,585 applied. Is it a lot? Well it depends. Consider the duty payable in other states (based on a $650,000 property):

  • NT: $32,473.00
  • VIC: $25,552.57
  • TAS: $24,974.00
  • WA: $24,890.00
  • ACT: $18,442.00
  • QLD: $17,229.00

Is stamp duty completely avoidable? Not really. But avoiding the post-purchase shock or regret is. Do your research. Seek the right advice from the right experts.

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Transfer duty does not include conveyancer fees, transfer fees, mortgage registration fees or other grants or concessions offered on a state basis. Foreign buyer circumstances also vary. Therefore, this information is of a general nature. Individual circumstances may vary.